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Swanage Railway Trust


Introducing boys and girls from the age of 13 to a range of roles and activities around the Swanage Railway.

Photo: Colin Stone


The Sygnets is the youth volunteering group at Swanage Railway, that has inspired generations of 13 - 18 year old youths to learn about and take part in the running and operation of a heritage railway.

Running since 1997, the sessions combine a varied and enjoyable mix of formal and informal learning opportunities and activities, as well as occasional working parties and visits to other heritage railways, fund-raising events and social events. The Sygnets meet once a month on a Saturday and the group is run by a team of adult volunteers, some of whom are ex-Sygnets.

As well as railway topics, learning and experience opportunities include skills that are useful outside the Swanage Railway, such as first aid and lifting & manual handling as well as life skills around communication, team work and building self-confidence. We try to ensure that each Sygnets meeting includes an opportunity to ride on the railway. 


At 16, the Sygnets are encouraged to begin volunteering with one of the Swanage Railway’s departments while still being mentored and supported through the Sygnets group until they are 18 years old. Sygnets provides the Swanage Railway with a stream of knowledgeable and enthusiastic young volunteers.


Anyone wanting to volunteer as a Sygnets leader – or register their child on our waiting list – should contact Sygnets leader Lucy Clarke by email at with the subject header “SYGNETS GROUP”.

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