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Council of Management

The Council of Management acts as the decision making body of the Swanage Railway Trust. Members - who are legally Directors - are elected annually at the AGM and serve a two year term. Half the Council must be elected each year which can occasionally mean that one person only serves for a one year term dependent on resignations and co-options. 

The Council has the ability to co-opt up to four members who generally either replace members who have resigned or who provide specialist knowledge. Co-opted members serve until the next AGM at which time they are eligible to stand for election. 

The current members of the Council of Management are shown below:

The position of Secretary to the Council of Management is currently vacant.

Council members most recent election statements may be seen here. A list of past members can be seen on the Companies House web site.



Copies of the latest audited accounts (which are available approximately two months before the AGM) may be downloaded using the links below. 


Previous years accounts and other public documents may be downloaded from the document archive.

Members Area

A number of additional documents are available to current members of the Trust. These may be accessed using the button below and entering the password.

Annual General Meeting

The 2023 AGM will take place at 14.00 on 14 October 2023 at The Mowlem Centre, Swanage.

Statement regarding financial position.

AGM Travel arrangements.


After the AGM, there are two trains available for Members to return on.


At 16.30 there is a public service train all stations to Norden, and at 17.05 there is a private special train for Members which will be hauled by the T3 locomotive 563.  

This train will call all stations to Norden and return to Swanage.


Seating on the 17.05 is limited to approximately 100 people - on a first come first served basis - but it will give you the experience of travelling behind your recently restored locomotive.


On both trains normal published fare arrangements apply.

Public Trust and Company documents may be downloaded using the links below.

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