Strip background is Stone at 50% opacity

Menu background is Menu Green at 70% opacity, font is Gill Sans 22px

Stone - 255, 247, 170 (FFF7AA)

Text Green - 9, 76, 9 (094C09)

Menu Green 186, 218, 85 (BADA55)

Site Title (H1) - 40px Proxima Nova, Green

Page Title (H2) - 28px Proxima Nova, Green

Huge Heading (H3) - 60px, Proxima Nova, Green

Large Heading (H4) - 40px Gill Sans MT, Green

Basic Heading (H5) - 25px Gill Sans MT, Green
Small Heading (H6) - 22px Gill Sans MT, Green

Paragraph 1 - 16px Proxima Nova, Green

Paragraph 2 - 15px Proxima Nova, Green

Paragraph 3 - 14px Proxima Nova, Green

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