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  • Andy Vincent

Purbeck Railway Circle: October 2020 update

Like many Railway societies The Purbeck Railway Circle is unable to hold Public Meetings because of the Covid-19 restrictions. We had hoped to resume next January but with recent upsurge in the virus this will prevent us from doing so.

Even if restrictions were relaxed, many Purbeck Railway Circle members would not feel relaxed in attending a meeting. We also are aware of SRT members and others who live a distance from Purbeck and are therefore unable to attend our meetings. This is where technology at last helps us.

We have decided to trial online presentations, with videos of interest to Swanage Railway supporters. The first main presentation will be on 15th January 2021 but it is hoped that there will be other videos leading up to this that date. Further details will of course be made available in due course.  Our announcement video is below but to ensure you do not miss any of the videos on our channel, click on the 'PRC Announcement' label at the top left of the video below and then click on SUBSCRIBE button below the video on the new page that will appear. If you wish to receive notifications of new videos then also click on the bell icon on the same page and follow the instructions. You can also click here to view the video and options in a new tab directly.

Our first announcement video also contains the first of the Swanage Railway SOS appeal Videos first published earlier this Year. The Swanage Railway continues to face the most urgent and potentially devastating challenge in its history, thanks to extraordinary circumstances beyond its control: the COVID-19 virus. Donations to the SOS Appeal can be made here.


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