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  • Andy Vincent

Herston Carriage Shed: April 2020 update

Due to a period of extremely heavy rain it was necessary to halt the foundation construction in late February because of very poor ground conditions, with the work expected to resume and complete in mid March. After discussion with the contractors it was decided that with the COVID-19 restrictions and the need for our permanent way team to clear the evacuated spoils the completion of the foundations would be put on hold. We now expect the contractors to return to the site and complete the foundations in April. The schedule for steelwork construction will be kept under constant review which will depend on the ongoing situation.

Donations now total £22,855.16, including gift aid, for which we would like to thank you all for your generosity. The cost to complete the foundation work is £13,000 which will be paid from these donations, with the remaining funds being retained for when work resumes. Our appeal target is still £30,000 but at present all our appeal efforts are directed towards the S.O.S. appeal.

The Swanage Railway always welcomes new volunteers so, for a chat, contact Swanage Railway volunteer co-ordinator Mike Whitwam on 01929 475212 or email him at

Story by Randy Coldham

Picture by Andrew P.M. Wright

Swanage Railway official photographer and press officer.

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