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  • Derek Pattenson

Bulleid Corridor Composite - S5761S

5761 was built by the Southern Railway in 1947.  It is a composite compartment carriage with accommodation for 24 first and 24 third (standard) class passengers and was formed into three car set No 780, being the middle carriage with two third class brake carriages similar to our 4365 and 4366 at each end.  The set was mainly used on trains from Waterloo to the West Country, or Bournemouth and Weymouth.  5761 was one of the last carriages of its type in service, being withdrawn in 1968, nearly a year after the end of steam traction on the Southern Region.

It was purchased privately straight out of service but it led a rather nomadic existence, first at Liss, then Ashford before being relocated to the Mid Hants Railway before it arrived at Swanage in 1984. 

5761 in storage on the Mid Hants Railway
5761 in storage on the Mid Hants Railway. Copyright Peter Short

5761 was virtually complete but needed an overhaul which was carried out with some help from a government training scheme.  Some unsound timber was replaced, the roof was made watertight, the interior was revanished or repainted and some of the seating was fitted with new moquette.  Once finished, it was in regular use. 

5761 at Swanage in the 1980s
5761 at Swanage in the 1980s

After some years use, it went to Rampart Engineering Ltd where among other jobs, much of the exterior cladding was replaced, new roof canvas was fitted and a full mechanical overhaul was carried out.  On return to Swanage, the interior refurbishment was completed and it re-entered service in 2014. 

5761 forms part of the train for Flying Scotsman's visit
5761 forms part of the train for Flying Scotsman's visit. Copyright: Peter Short

5761 is currently awaiting a repaint but should be back in our trains fairly soon.


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