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  • Andrew P.M. Wright

Purbeck Railway Circle November Meeting

On Friday 16th November, Michael Baker will deliver his presentation entitled “The Southern Region since 1954”

Michael has been taking photographs all over the Southern Region since the mid-1950s, steam, electric and diesel. He travelled to school and college by Southern Electric and during his student days he worked as a porter at Victoria and Gatwick Airport stations. Evacuated after being bombed out of Croydon in 1944 he lived in Bournemouth for a year and thus got rather more chance to travel by Southern steam - hence his conviction that the Lord Nelsons were amongst the most utterly splendid of all steam locomotives. Only later did he come to appreciate the myriad varieties of ex LB&SCR tanks engines and, even later pre-grouping suburban EMUs. On his own admission he has a soft spot for the 2BILs and 4LAVs. Most of the photos in the presentation were taken by Michael but a few others fill the gaps which he never got around to plugging. He has written several books and a number of articles on the Southern.

The Circle is the local support group for the Swanage Railway and meets in Harmans Cross Village Hall, Haycrafts Lane, Harmans Cross at 7.00 for 7.30 pm. Tea/coffee/biscuits and a railway orientated raffle will be provided as usual.


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